How we can help you


Film Commission St. Petersburg is the organization which helps camera crews to optimize the process of filming. It works with famous domestic and foreign filmmakers.

Film Commission is the intermediary between the filmmakers and companies that offer a range of services necessary for the full implementation of the shooting process.

Services offered completely free of charge:

  •                   Assistance in scouting film locations
  •                   Consulting about permitting for shooting
  •                   Access to the database of necessary services for film production in St. Petersburg
  •                   Information and contacts of creative people
  •                   Logistics information
  •                   Information about Russia and St. Petersburg
  •                   Information about the Russian legislation, legal issues, taxation, visa issues, insurance.
  •                   Information about the work on the set
  •                   Coordination with the ministries, municipal services, trade unions and other associations related to film production.
  •                   Coordination with the mass media
  •                   Information about Russian festivals, national films, security (telephone emergency services, fire and ambulance)
  •                    Advantages of filming in St. Petersburg